We have addictions

o' ello.
Didn't see you there.
I lost my number,
can I have yours?
Timur Pak (Zuko), 12 and Daniel Bishop (Sandie),13, London.
Our pleasure to meet you.
Except that now....sorry I got to go.
helloimindie, just
look at our description.
We like photography,
football, ruggers,
frapes, music
(who doesn't),
having fun, fifa 12. We'll post things that look cool,
interest us,
make us laugh,
are Doctor Who
or INDIE or are
Tim's photos,
as he is an
awesome photographer!
thankyouverymuch xxxx


hi there, it’s me again the T master, good old mr T dot I dot M I know it has been hard with this petrol strike but I got through it and so can you! If you are depressed though please check out my blog on the subject matter, as it will kick those sorrow feelings of petrol in the ass!


Then I don’t wanna be a hipster anymore.

This is what happens when being a hipster becomes too mainstream. According to the ancient manuscripts of Hiptopia, our Hipster Prince felt as though he’d sold out to the mainstream concepts of fame by accepting our royal title, but on the holiest of holidays, The Day of St. Goodwill, the French Duke said some really obscure words of apathetic and ironic inspiration to him, thus saving the future of our great and noble land. And we all lived hippily ever after.

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Silly Karen. Everyone knows the easiest way to soothe the wild Smithian Badger is to sing it an acoustic indie song accompanied by a tambourine and a lyre. 

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